Romeo and Juliet 2011 Cast List

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Aliza Abolafia: Alessa of the Capulets and student director
Mary Allendorph: Mercutio
Seamus Barrett: Tybalt
Tiarnan Barrett: Friar John, County Martino of the Capulets, and Petruchio of the Montagues
Sarah Booker: Lady Montague and Selvaggia of the Capulets/associate student director
Rachel Britton: Balthasar, Rosabella, and Juliet understudy
Anna Dempf: Abraham of the Montagues, Allegria of the Caputlets
Allie Doherty: Juliet
Sarah Edgar: Serafina of the Montagues and Rosaline of the Capulets
Adam Eisenstein: County Paris
Maddie Grisaru: Violetta/ Lady Capulet understudy
Jordan Gross: Nurse and Titus of the Montagues
Alicia Harman: Elisabetta of the Capulets
Katie Helo: Lady Capulet
Jack LaVigne: Lord Capulet
Andrew Lamourex: Benvolio and Apothecary
Jacqueline Libby: Fiorenza of the Capulets
Dan Light: Romeo
Matt Light: Prince Escalus
Colin McCarthy: Valentine, Mercutio’s brother, and Claudio, page to Paris
Laura Miller: Giulietta of the Capulets and Nurse understudy
Kartik Ramkumar: Lord Montague and Friar Laurence
Kathryn Seely:  Helena of the Capulets
James Taggart: Sampson/Peter of the Capulets
Molly Wolfson: Gregory of the Capulets












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